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Welcome to Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission‘s (HRC) Contract Compliance and Certification System (CCCS).

In an effort to improve our services to the general public and other Metro departments, this system has been created to automate and streamline the collection and reporting of information necessary to do business with Louisville Metro Government.

This system will provide us more efficiency in capturing and ensuring compliance with the following:

  • Certifying businesses as Minority, Female, or Handicapped-Owned Business Enterprises in accordance to LMCO § 37.66 and, if approved, list them in our certified directory
  • Prequalifying those persons, firms, corporations, and associations to ensure the entity is not deficient in the utilization of minority groups, females, or handicapped persons in accordance to LMCO §37.27
  • Ensuring contractors provide their best good faith efforts to utilize subcontractors that are Minority, Female or Handicapped-Owned, if the procurement situation includes the use of subcontractors in accordance to LMCO § 37.67.